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Well, this was a gamble. We set out to disrupt the year’s loudest TV event with a whisper. Would anyone notice? (They did!) And in doing so, we introduced the world to ASMR, a pure wellness technique — and a natural to launch the first truly pure beer from Anheuser-Busch.

We couldn’t make it easy on ourselves, so we shot Zoë Kravitz on a verrry windy day in Oahu, then asked our sound engineer Jason Ryan to use only what we captured. It’s not ASMR if you cheat with ADR, right?

We created seven teasers, each focused on a novel ASMR trigger.

In the days following, it was all about Zoë, Pure Gold and ASMR. We got tons of earned media from the Today Show, GMA, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and all sorts of mainstream pubs. The highlight? An article on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, complete with an illustration of Zoe’s hands and the bottle in their signature style. Eee!


ECD: Jon Flannery
CD/AD: Marisa Groenweghe
CD/CW: Kathleen Wille & Marianna Ruiz
AD: Erene Semanderes
CW: Sarafina Persaud